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Our Programs are designed to enhance community and build authentic Christian relationships between our Single parents  and volunteers who wish to mentor them and their children.

We have counseling for crisis, group mentoring for support and individual mentoring as it develops inside the community of volunteer mentors, many graduates of the Bridge Builder program.


We believe single parents experiencing loss or trauma who are raising children alone due to death, separation, divorce, incarceration or abandonment are the widows and orphans of today. 

Bridge Builders meet single parents and their families where they are at offering them hope through 20 sessions of free or reduced fee counseling to get through the crisis.


Bridge Builders offer real support and walk out life with each unique family by guiding a single parent and their children to find a new normal.

We believe its our calling and mission to walk alongside single parent families in their life journey.



  • Professional Christian Counseling is offered to single parents and their children by our partnering professional christian counselors.  For families without insurance, a sliding fee scale is used to determine cost of session based on income.  No one who qualifies has ever been denied due to inability to pay.  Bridge Builders will cover the gap.  Our short-term counseling is designed to offer 20 sessions of counseling and can be extended if needed. 

  • Mentoring the Single-Parent and their children  is the cornerstone of our services. It is our firm belief that transformation happens through relationships and walking out our faith by meeting people where they are at in life and restoring hope.  We carefully screen and train our mentors to co-lead groups with the single parents and with children and teens who do not have a father or mother in their day to day life. 

  • Special multi-family events and our unique  group mentoring program is designed  to provide opportunities for Mentors and Mentees to develop healthy caring relationships in a vibrant community.  

  •  Many struggle with issues which include fear, despair, feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, low-self esteem lack of basic parenting and life skills. By working with these hurting families we are able to send the message that Restoration is Possible, Hope is Available, and we are here to help with the struggles of being a single parent.  

For more information on how to become a mentor click link below. To learn more about becoming a mentee please call our office 810-987-8772 or send an e-mail to  

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