Professional Counseling

Bridge Builders Counseling & Mentoring provides professional Christian Counseling to individuals and families seeking counseling for one-parent families. One-parent families are those who have only one parent living in the home due to death, separation, divorce, incarceration, or abandonment. Meridian and McLaren Insurance is accepted. For families without insurance, a sliding fee scale-based is used to determine the fee for each session based on income, with most families paying between $10.00 or $20.00 a session.  No one has ever been denied due to inability to pay.  Our short-term counseling is designed to offer 20 sessions of counseling. Call our office today for more information at 810-987-8772.


  • Parenting Skills
    • This group is an informative, skill building, support group for single parents who are dealing with the complexities and joys of child-rearing, and who desire to learn to strengthen their parenting skills.  The parenting group will provide opportunities to learn more about child developmental stages, learn effective and age appropriate parenting skills, and learn relaxation and personal stress management skills.
  • Widows, Grief & Loss Support Group
    • This group is designed for those who have suffered the loss of spouse through death, and are in the grieving process.  The stages of grief will be discussed, and dialogue open to share the pain of the death of a loved one, with the hope that healing will begin to take place in the life of the one left behind; and enable that one to begin to move on, and live life again anew.
  • Anger Management
    • This group is designed for young people ages 12 to 19, who are struggling with anger related issues and/or who desire to learn the root causes and behaviors that perpetuate the anger cycle.  Participants will learn both the physical and mental responses to anger, and develop effective methods of how to reduce or eliminate anger in their lives, change core beliefs, assumptions, and learn to “change” behaviors.
  • Co-Occurring Disorder Group
    • This group looks at the complexities of persons who struggle with the effects of serious mental illness and Substance Use Disorders, (SUD).  It is important that these disorders are treated together.  In addition, this group will explore how depression, anxiety, and other symptoms of mental health issues are impacted by alcohol and other drugs.  We will discuss how a person’s thought life and thinking patterns are connected to addictive behaviors.
  • Life & Retention Skills
    • Description to be provided

Mentoring for Moms & Woman 2 Woman Mentoring

For the families who are currently in counseling, or recently finished, we have a Mom’s Mentoring program. This is a time for our mother’s and women to come together to learn some useful skills, while experiencing the support of not only the staff and volunteers but also from other moms in similar situations. Childcare is provided for children who are not old enough to attend school. Call our office if you’re interested in getting involved.

Mentoring for Boys & Girls

This program is offered to boys and girls who are currently in counseling. A thoroughly screened and trained adult is paired up with a child who does not have a father or mother figure actively involved in his/her life, to provide guidance and mentoring regarding how to grow into a mature, responsible person. This is designed to be an extension of the counseling services we provide and is not available to individuals who are not counseling with our partnering counselors. For more information, call our office.