“The Miracle on 6th St.”

Bridge Builders Counseling & Mentoring had its humble beginnings in 1994, as our Founder & Visionary Daniel Lundblad heart of compassion was touched by the plight of the many single parent families& widows.  After attending, a Promise Keepers Conference in Boulder, CO., the men were challenged by the keynote speaker to return to their local communities to champion the cause of the oppressed in our society, and to make a difference. Dan was moved from the drawing board to action; and since that time Dan has not ceased to cry out on behalf of those, who, even in Jesus’ day were neglected, and overlooked, and without a voice to cry out for them. It was from this womb, Bridge Builders Counseling & Mentoring was birthed.

Two of Dan’s closest friends saw the vision, and believed, and helped Dan to launch the ministry of BBC&M.  A proposed budget was developed that a certain number of churches to include the ministry in their budget of $25, $50 or $100 a month, as able.  It was envisioned that local businesses would support us, as Dan believed that a healthier one parent families would stabilize the work force I our local economy.  Dan reached out to families and friends and ask them to support this challenge from God to build a safety net for at risk families.  Professional counselors were hired to meet with families; and Dan recruited men from local churches who helped to develop a vibrant mentoring program for boys.  The income began to grow with dreams of expanding the program outside the Blue Water area in Michigan, to serve as a model to other community based programs.